Meet the Pack

Michelle Fournier

Alpha Dog, Co-Founder

Mom to Harry (a lab/golden mix) and Lloyd (a pit/basset mix), Fournier has dedicated a decade in business to the dog industry.  As founder and operator of Durty Harry’s “Best of Boston” Doggie Boutiques with locations in Charlestown and Brookline, MA, Fournier had her finger on the pulse of not only the dog community but the dog consumer. It was at Durty Harry’s while engaging with dog consumers every day that Fournier conceptualized Slobbr. Exiting Durty Harry’s the very last day of 2015, Fournier has since been able to work full-time on bringing Slobbr to the dog loving community.

Fournier is a tested and proven entrepreneur and business person with outstanding leadership qualities, team management, and mentoring skills with a lead out in front approach.  She truly subscribes to the philosophy that business is malleable and ownership must be as well for an enterprise to be successful and grow.

Having long supported rescue through various fund-raising efforts at her Durty Harry’s locations, Fournier upped her game by co-founding Rescue to Runway: Featuring Boston’s Finest, three years ago. A veteran Public Relations and Marketing professional, Fournier aims to get Slobbr to the massive dog community in a unique, personalized and direct approach.

Jonathan Lagasse

Top Dog & Tech Whisperer, Co-Founder

Having lived in New York City for over 10 years with his rescue pups, (and now wife and children); Jonathan embraced the “secret life” of being a dog parent, finding every excuse to include his rescue boxers, Mel and Rock, in all aspects of his family’s daily life. Jonathan (and the family) book ended each day with trips to the neighborhood dog parks, bringing the dogs along for errands, and of course having the two rescue pups join as many meals on restaurant patios – as long as the weather (and restaurant) permitted!

But not all of these dog excursions were successful! Each trip to a new neighborhood found Jonathan scrambling to find dog friendly places and park locations - this information just wasn’t easy to find. So Jonathan decided to create an App that would help other dog parents like him. Jonathan started with NYC dog parks and he created an App and Website called While Jonathan was running – he was introduced to Michelle Fournier who had launched the Slobbr brand and was looking for the right tech partner to help her bring her vision of living life with your dog to every dog parent nationwide. Not fully knowing what he had gotten himself into, but excited for the challenge, Jonathan and Michelle teamed up to bring you the ever evolving, super dog friendly App, Slobbr!

Jenna Donleavy

Pack Leader, Founding Member

A life-long dog-lover, Jenna is mom to three rescue dogs. Over the last 16 months she has adopted, Bear (a lab/collie mix), Knox (lab/golden mix) and Harper (lab/pit mix). She has been able to marry her passion for rescue dogs, education, work experience, including social media prowess and is Slobbring all over the internet. She is a Lafayette College graduate with a Bachelors of Arts in Economics, who started her career in both the Marketing and Public Relations fields for large global entities.

Donleavy has extensive experience in developing a solid social network in all current social media outlets, while harboring an innate ability to use the web to drive online visibility and generate leads resulting in new business growths. Jenna has also demonstrated expertise in event marketing, investor relations and managing relationships.

Laura Galvin

Master Of Mutts, Founding Member

A believer in the truest form of "living life with your dog(s)", Laura Galvin has long enjoyed exploring both city and mountain life with her pack of rescue pups. After graduating from Boston University and spending time working in philanthropic PR, Galvin continued to feel her life's calling was firmly rooted in working with animals in some way which led her to Veterinary Technician school and ultimately to the highly acclaimed Angell Memorial Hospital in Boston. Galvin has lent her expertise to the Slobbr team in the form of a founding member and advisor.

Mandy Pleshaw

Idea Shepherd, Communications Consultant

As the youngest in a pack of five and having lived the better half of her life wishing she was a dog, it is no surprise to Mandy's family that she dedicates her professional career to animals. As a Crime and Justice Major at the University of Umass Dartmouth, Mandy was prepared to utilize her degree and 10 years of experience as a veterinary technician to become an Animal Rescue Officer. It was at The Animal Rescue League of Boston where all of her true passions collided. Mandy soon learned she was ready to part with her career in the veterinary field and knew that making a difference for shelter animals by way of marketing was her true calling. Upon venturing to the West Coast, Mandy enhanced her career as Marketing, PR and Social Media Administrator for Pet Partners, the nations largest therapy animal organization. After gaining years of invaluable experience advocating the importance of the human-animal bond by managing a national media and social presence, Mandy knew it was time to bring her expertise back home to Boston.

Mandy's consulting career has allowed her to combine her limitless passion for helping animals with her ample experience executing marketing strategies among start-ups and non-profits alike.